I Think It’s Going To Rain Today

Reviews of the Curtis Stigers album, I Think It’s Going To Rain Today. Read what “the experts” are saying.

JazzReview: I Think It’s Going To Rain Today
POSTED: April 3, 2006

www.jazzreview.com – reviewed by Don Williamson

Review: Curtis Stigers has established himself as one of the important artists on the Concord Records label, as he continues to release new CD’s and tour and write his own music. The arrangement appears to suit both parties exceedingly well. For Concord has a reliable singer who, like the others that it has signed, staddles the fence between jazz and popular appeal. Maybe it’s just that the definition of jazz is changing–or expanding. In addition, Stigers is allowed to grow, singing the music he chooses uncategorically as it suits his personality, rather than being molded into the style of music that an A&R manager would expect to be commercially successful. READ MORE