What I did on my Summer Vacation…
POSTED: August 11, 2010


Hello friends,

Well, I’m back home after a wonderful sold-out summer tour of the UK and Germany, and I’m going to take a couple weeks off to hang out with my family, get some sun and ride my mountain bike. Thanks to all of you who made it out to the shows this summer. It’s always such a thrill and a privilege to play music for you. (Check out the great Ronnie Scott’s London review in PRESS)

So I’m on holiday, but I will be playing a little music while I’m off-duty! Here’s a special alert for my friends and fans back home in Idaho: This weekend, Friday August 13 and Saturday August 14, I’ll be joining in the merriment of the reunion of The Hi-Tops at The VAC in Garden City, ID. I was a member of the Hi-Tops back in the mid-1980’s (yes, that was during the last century, kiddies), and it’s always a wild, energetic, entertaining party getting back together with them. We’re all a little grayer, balder and paunchier, but we can still rock, Baby!!! Come on out and re-live your mis-spent youth dancing and drinking cold draft beer with us!

Later in the month my band (the current one from this century) and I will be making a couple rare US appearances. We’ll be playing in Vail, Colorado on August 26, and in Lewiston, New York on August 28. I’ve also got a bunch of very interesting shows in Scotland, Germany, France, England and China (yes, CHINA!) coming up in the Autumn.

Have a great summer!
See you soon,