Curtis Stigers Nominated for an Emmy Award
POSTED: July 30, 2009

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Big news!!!  Curtis Stigers has been nominated for an Emmy Award by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences!  Last year Curtis co-wrote and sang the theme song to the critically acclaimed new FX TV series The Sons Of Anarchy, and the song has been nominated for “Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music.”  In the same category, the legendary film composer and arranger John Williams is also nominated.  “This is such a thrill!  I’m up against the guy who wrote the Star Wars Theme!  Holy spaceballs, R2D2!  I haven’t been nominated for anything since I was in the running for ‘Most Likely To Own A Small Potato Farm’ back in high school!” Stigers says.  Curtis is picking out his bow tie and matching cumberbund for the big night right now…