Iron Man
POSTED: May 30, 2009

I’m ironing. It’s Saturday morning, I’m home in Boise, Idaho and I’m ironing a few shirts to wear for a photo session I’m doing this afternoon with my friend Andy Lawless (he snapped the photo below), in hopes that we’ll come up with a good image or two for my new album cover and package. We’re shooting today at Pengilly’s Saloon, a great old watering hole and music venue downtown on Main Street that I just happened to co-own for a year and a half, not long ago. My main contribution during my short tenure as bar owner was to insist that Pengilly’s go non-smoking, and it’s been a great success, no matter what some of the grumpy guys at the end of the bar tell you… There’s a lot of raw brick wall surface in Pengilly’s as well as a beautiful old wooden Brunswick bar and some funky old booths. We’ll get something good out of the photo shoot, I think.

Last night I went out to see/hear a lovely singer-songwriter called Eilen Jewell at a local club. She grew up in Boise but is based in Boston now and is getting a lot of well-deserved national attention. I was impressed with her show. Great singer, great songs, and a fantastic band. I’ve been listening to her two latest albums a lot over the past couple years and often give them to friends as gifts. Check her out. You’ll like Eilen (pronounced éee-lin, I think).

Alright back to the ironing board for me…

Next week: the East Coast! Madison NJ on Sat June 6 and then a two week stand at the Algonquin Hotel in NYC. See you there!