Brooklyn Recording, Cobble Hill, NYC
POSTED: April 30, 2009

Chatting with the Neuman U67

It’s 1:00am I’m sitting in the vocal booth at Brooklyn Recording in NYC, after three long and deeply rewarding days of recording with my band and our friend and recording engineer Josiah Gluck. We recorded 13 tunes in three days. It’s hard to say whether they’ll all make it to my new record, but I’d be hard-pressed to choose which one(s) to lose at this moment. The boys in the band (Drummer Keith Hall, Pianist Matthew Fries, Bassist Cliff Schmitt and Trumpeter/Arranger/co-Producer John Sneider) played with fire and subtlety, and without fear, and the songs all came alive. We cut 5 new original songs. Very excited about that, indeed. Going home in a couple days and then planning to mix the record the second week of May in Los Angeles. After that I’m on a plane to London to sit in with Nick Lowe and his band (and the great Ron Sexsmith) at Royal Albert Hall on May 18. Unbelievably cool show. A great thrill of my life. The next night I’ll be doing a solo acoustic show at Martlets Hall in Burgess Hill, just north of Brighton. My buddy, the fretless guitar god Ned Evett ( will be joining me (which makes it a non-solo show, eh?).

OK, it’s back to the control room to oversee/overhear some rough mixes…